qualified operators and advanced manufacturing facilities

Inox Ponti is a light carpentry company which has been working for over 30 years in the field of stainless steel processing and surface treatments. We can count on skilled operators and technologically advanced production plants to offer our customers several services, such as: laser cutting for stainless steel, bending, calendering, tig-mig welding, assembling, surface finishing.

The products we make are high-quality products, they ensure the highest precision and we grant for an accurate planning of the processing. Being punctual is also another feature of our reliability. Inox Ponti has been specializing on stainless steel working and processing since 1980s. We are constantly increasing and developing our business, producing stainless steel semi-finished products in advanced phases of assembling. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified workers, Inox Ponti is able to supply efficient and quick solutions to its customers. Inox Ponti also relies on a complete and extremely efficient manufacturing process: from the arrival of raw materials, to the quality and conformity controls, to the final product through the different processes. Inox Ponti, a company specialised in stainless steel working, processing and surface treatments offers cost-estimates on demand.
Human capital in the company is a key component that, thanks to energy and motivation, determines the quality and style of the work. Every day, in this way the relationship with the customer is enhanced by giving the service of Stainless Steels significant added value.

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