an integrated and effective company structure

Inox Ponti’s entire production is managed by the Technical Department, an integrated and effective company structure dealing with all sectors, from the production to the analysis, and to the certification, supplying the end-customer the proper support.

The skills matured in many years of activity and the great specialization in designing special components, initially in the carpentry fields and, then, for the setting machines line constitute a know-how that has been much appreciated by the company’s customers.
The frequent implementation of custom-made projects has forced the office into being equipped with the competences and technologies that are compliant to the needs, including with specific software programs.

The department’s skills provide for a major series of activities, among them quality control through consolidated procedures and specific instruments.
The technical department has continuously grown and has become the interface with the Customer in the aim of developing and researching new solutions, implementations, feasibilities, calculations and verifications, activities allowing designing even complex solutions.